The Media & Entertainment industry is embracing the cutting-edge technology of IP-based infrastructures and data transport. By leveraging the power of networking, operations are being transformed to become highly scalable, globally accessible, and infinitely adaptable. To ensure the seamless integration and ongoing reliability of these revolutionary new environments, Providius offers a comprehensive suite of telemetry, analysis, and cyber security software.

At Providius, we are dedicated to demystifying the complexities of IP media and IT infrastructure, and our expertise in real-time network telemetry, IP media analysis, and cyber risk management is unmatched in the broadcast market. 

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The Complete Picture.

Providius offers cutting-edge solutions that passively analyze both the IT and the broadcast side of operations, providing a clear and concise picture of your systems in real-time. The unique combination of network telemetry, signal telemetry, and cybersecurity telemetry on a single dashboard is what sets Providius apart, making us the trusted partner of numerous organizations worldwide.

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With decades of collective engineering experience, our products provide unparalleled insights and unparalleled detail, reflecting our unparalleled experience in the industry.

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ProAV Applications

To explore a variety of ProAV applications, make sure to check out our AV division, HiCLIFF, at

About Us

For nearly a decade, Providius has been a pioneering force in the Media & Entertainment industry, delivering unparalleled solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by organizations utilizing IP media and IT infrastructures in high-stakes, mission-critical environments.

Providius Corp. is a privately held company headquartered in Canada.

Network Integration

Providius works closely with network manufacturers to leverage their advanced telemetry following prescribed best practices, ensuring that our technology works seamlessly and without disruption.

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