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"Providius has been an invaluable partner in helping us tackle the complexities of our live production facility. Their software provides real-time supervision of our network, evaluates our network cyber hygiene, confirms the quality of all our media, and is invaluable for troubleshooting and diagnosing issues quickly. We are happy and trust the Providius software as it complements our focus on quality and delivery of a premium experience for our viewers.”
Media networks require distinct attention due to their unique attributes. In contrast to conventional IT, media networks must support continuous real-time streams with uninterrupted delivery. 
Introducing Providius, products meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with your media environment, ensuring swift detection and resolution of any operational incidents.

Where IP media analysis, network telemetry, and cybersecurity converge.

“The Providius software significantly reduces the time it takes to assess network/PTP-related issues and improves the availability of our media infrastructure on board our mobile units. We use the IP media analysis platform to identify any packet-level disruptions to our IP workflows and it provides us with the necessary feedback so we can take corrective action. We’re happy with the ongoing partnership and look forward to continuing our collaboration.”

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360 Degree View of your IT and Broadcast Operations

Providius provides cutting-edge solutions that specialize in analyzing IT and broadcast operations. Our platform provides real-time insights and a clear view of broadcast and media networks. What makes Providius stand out is our seamless integration of media analysis, network telemetry, and cybersecurity into one user-friendly interface. This unique combination has made us a trusted partner of numerous organizations worldwide.

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To explore a variety of ProAV applications, visit our AV website, HiCLIFF

About Us

For nearly a decade, Providius has been a pioneering force in the Media & Entertainment industry, delivering unparalleled solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by organizations utilizing IP media and IT infrastructures in high-stakes, mission-critical environments.

Providius Corp. is a privately held company headquartered in Canada.

Networking Technical Partners

Providius works closely with network manufacturers to leverage their advanced telemetry following prescribed best practices, ensuring that our technology works seamlessly and without disruption.

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