NVRT: Network Performance Monitoring

Network Visualization & Realtime Telemetry

Real-time Media Network Performance Monitoring

In media environments where uninterrupted delivery is paramount, NVRT plays a crucial role in ensuring network resiliency. By identifying and prioritizing critical network elements, NVRT fortifies the network against potential failures and disruptions.

NVRT (Network Visualization & Real-time Telemetry) has become an indispensable tool for broadcast and media operations, offering a comprehensive suite of features to ensure optimal performance and reliability. One of its key functionalities is proactive issue detection, enabling early identification of potential network issues. By catching problems before they escalate, NVRT ensures high availability for critical media services.

Benefits of Network Performance Monitoring:

  • Proactive Issue Resolution: NVRT provides proactive identification and resolution of network performance issues, reducing potential disruptions to media services. By detecting and addressing issues in real-time, NVRT minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.
  • Cost Savings: NVRT optimizes resource utilization, reducing downtime, and preventing costly network outages or performance degradations. By efficiently managing network resources and proactively addressing issues, NVRT helps save valuable resources and minimize expenses.
  • Enhanced Security: Strengthen your network security posture with NVRT's robust monitoring capabilities. By continuously monitoring for suspicious activities, vulnerabilities, and compliance violations, NVRT helps fortify network defenses and safeguard sensitive data.
  • 24/7 Availability: Ensure uninterrupted availability and reliability of media services and applications with NVRT's continuous monitoring and proactive management. With NVRT, you can rest assured knowing that your network is monitored round-the-clock, minimizing the risk of downtime and service disruptions

Key Features

  • Real-Time Issue Detection: NVRT monitors crucial network performance metrics like bandwidth utilization, latency, packet loss, and device health in real-time.
  • Network Mapping: Automatically map out your network topology with NVRT, visualizing architecture and connectivity. Easily correlate the physical network with media services in real-time.
  • Comprehensive Media Visibility: NVRT delivers insights into media network operations, facilitating precise identification of media services and detailed multicast path tracing from senders to receivers, including comprehensive statistics at each interface.
  • Alerting and Notifications: Utilize NVRT's customizable alerts and notifications to receive instant updates on performance issues or anomalies. Proactively troubleshoot problems and maintain network integrity with timely alerts tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Integration and Scalability: Seamlessly integrate NVRT with broadcast control and orchestration systems, extending its capabilities and enhancing your network management capabilities. Scale effortlessly to accommodate the evolving needs of your network infrastructure.

Enhanced Network Visibility

NVRT automatically discovers the network and assets in real-time. NVRT details everything you need to know about the network, including each device’s network profile, PTP lock state, and connectivity status. Live auto-generated mapping makes it easy to understand the network architecture and dependencies. Avoid disruption by detecting changes in real-time plus receive notifications regarding intrusions and other network events.

Normalized Network Dashboard

NVRT leverages the power of network telemetry to produce modern easy-to-use dashboards to describe all of the essential details about every network device used. Simple and intuitive dashboards turn non-IT people into experts, displaying information that is needed in a clear and concise way. Diagnose issues faster and prevent lengthy downtime regardless of switch manufacturer.

Real-time Network Performance

NVRT improves network performance and increases availability by identifying anomalies on a port-by-port basis. NVRT provides real-time updates on transmit and receive bandwidth and aggregate data errors including: CRC errors, dropped & discarded packets, and collisions. NVRT enables the labeling of multicasts using static assignments or via integration with system orchestration software. 

PTP System Monitoring

NVRT monitors the health of the PTP system to look for issues that can turn catastrophic for a media system. NVRT identifies the PTP clock tree, including the masters and boundary clocks and their relationship. NVRT also records PTP information including an offset from the master, mean path delay, and skew values, and provides alarms to warn of deviations from the norm.

Real-time Inventory Management

NVRT catalogs every asset discovered on the network making it possible to track down every detail about a system’s inventory. Built-in Elasticsearch makes it quick and easy to locate hardware and software on the network using any of the product’s attributes, including IP address, MAC address, hostname, manufacturer, and more. Add labels and groups to devices to make identifying device location and functional category easier.

Enhanced Network Security

NVRT provides detailed device network profiling and risk assessment making it simple to identify security gaps. First-of-its-kind network profile targeting makes it possible to detect changes in device configuration. Coupled with NVRT’s real-time network intrusion detection, NVRT enhances your overall network cybersecurity.

NVRT Applications

  • Production Networks (ST2110 / 2022-6 / 2022-7, NDI)
  • MCRs / NOCs / TOCs
  • Local Area Networks (LAN) / Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Acquisition Networks
  • Transmission Networks / Distribution Networks
  • Audio Networks / Intercom
  • IPTV / Digital Signage

NVRT Key Roles

  • Systems Integrators: use NVRT to validate the performance of the media network during integration, helping them to identify and resolve issues early. NVRT provides accurate information regarding the physical structure of the network, enabling integrators to confirm construction and set up. In addition, NVRT also provides reporting for comprehensive network documentation, crucial for client handover and ongoing support.
  • Broadcast Operations: NVRT offers real-time alerts through an intuitive graphical interface, providing immediate insight into active network issues potentially affecting media services. This clear and concise feedback enables operations to swiftly identify the state of the network and key elements including PTP, media services, control, and orchestration. By presenting actionable information in real time, NVRT empowers operations to proactively address issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted media delivery.
  • Media/Network Engineering: NVRT provides efficient troubleshooting and root cause analysis by providing granular visibility into network performance metrics and behaviors, empowering engineering teams to resolve issues promptly and minimize service disruptions. NVRT equips engineering teams with the necessary tools and insights to ensure the reliability, scalability, and performance of broadcast networks including ST2110 environment.


  • NVRT is designed to be deployed on a COTS server or virtual machine and supports all sizes of networks including enterprise infrastructures.
  • NVRT leverages HTML5 to present detailed dashboards that provide responsive real-time web updates using modern graphical design.
  • NVRT gives you unprecedented visibility into your most critical operations from any location using a web browser.
  • Although NVRT can be installed on any server or virtual machine that meets the minimum system requirements, we can also supply you with a preinstalled server.

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